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Gallery Mermaid stands as a premier provider of all types of art printing, art supplying services in Dubai, UAE. Gallery Mermaid is your go-to destination for sculpture manufacturing, decor accessories sourcing and production, custom mirrors, pots, and planters. Visit us today.!


Canvas Printing

Transform your favorite photos or artworks into stunning canvas prints, bringing depth, texture, and artistic flair to your walls with museum-quality reproductions that capture every detail.

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Fine Art Printing

Experience the pinnacle of printing quality with our fine art printing services, showcasing your artworks or photographs with unparalleled color accuracy, sharpness, and archival longevity.

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  • 3D Mixed Media Artwork

    Dive into a realm of depth and dimension with our 3D mixed media artworks, where layers and textures converge to create visually captivating and tactile masterpieces.

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  • Art Embellishment

    Enhance the beauty of your artworks with intricate and exquisite embellishments, adding depth, elegance, and a touch of luxury to every brushstroke and detail.

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  • Digital Art

    Explore the limitless possibilities of digital art, where creativity knows no bounds, and imagination comes to life in vivid colors, stunning compositions, and immersive designs.

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  • Original Artworks

    Discover unique and captivating original artworks crafted by talented artists, each piece telling a story and adding a distinct touch of creativity and inspiration to your space.

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  • Rattan Artworks

    Embrace the beauty of nature with rattan artworks, blending organic textures and artisanal craftsmanship to infuse warmth, character, and natural charm into your decor.

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  • Wood Engraving

    Add a touch of elegance to wood surfaces with intricate and precise engraving, showcasing detailed designs, text, or patterns that leave a lasting impression.

  • Laser Cutting

    Precision meets creativity with our laser cutting services, offering intricate and detailed designs cut with impeccable accuracy on various materials for exceptional results.

  • Indoor Signages

    Elevate your interior space with custom indoor signages, combining aesthetic appeal with functional communication to create a welcoming and cohesive environment.

  • Outdoor Signages

    Make a bold statement with outdoor signages that command attention and convey your message with clarity, durability, and impactful design, tailored to your branding needs.

Custom Mirrors

Reflect your unique taste and personality with bespoke mirrors tailored to your specifications, adding elegance and functionality to any room.

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Decor Accessories

Discover curated decor accessories that enhance the ambiance of your hospitality spaces, offering stylish and functional solutions to elevate guest comfort and aesthetic appeal.

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Framing Services

Our framing services combine meticulous craftsmanship with artistic insight, ensuring every piece is showcased to its fullest potential. Whether contemporary or classic, our custom frames are designed to enhance and protect your artwork, adding a touch of elegance to any space.

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Planters & Pots

Bring nature indoors with stylish planters and pots that add greenery and a refreshing ambiance to your hospitality spaces, creating inviting and vibrant guest environments.

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Transform your environment with our bespoke sculptures, crafted by skilled artisans. Each piece is a unique work of art, designed to reflect your vision and complement your space.

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Wallpaper Printing

Elevate your interiors with our custom wallpaper printing services. We create stunning, high-quality wallpapers that transform your walls into works of art. Choose from a wide range of designs or collaborate with our artists to develop a unique pattern that suits your style.

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  • Acrylic Printing

    Discover the brilliance of our acrylic printing services. We produce vibrant, high-definition prints on acrylic surfaces, resulting in sleek, modern art pieces that add depth and clarity to any space. Perfect for creating striking visual statements with a contemporary edge.

  • Glass Printing

    Experience the beauty of glass with our advanced printing techniques. Our glass printing services deliver vibrant, durable images on glass surfaces, perfect for decorative panels, partitions, and more. Each piece is a seamless blend of art and functionality.

  • Metal Printing

    Our metal printing services bring a sleek, modern edge to your artwork. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we print high-resolution images on metal surfaces, creating striking, durable pieces that stand out. Ideal for contemporary decor and industrial aesthetics.

  • Stone Printing

    Integrate natural elegance into your space with our stone printing services. We print detailed, high-quality images onto stone, creating unique, resilient art pieces that combine nature's beauty with innovative design. Perfect for both interior and exterior applications.

  • Tile Printing

    Revitalize your surfaces with our custom tile printing services. We produce beautifully detailed, durable prints on tiles, ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and more. Our tiles combine functionality with artistic expression, offering endless design possibilities.

  • Wood Printing

    Add warmth and texture to your decor with our wood printing services. We print high-resolution images directly onto wood, creating unique, organic pieces that enhance any space. Each print merges the natural beauty of wood with your personal artistic vision.

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